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Python Question

Adding all the numbers in a Range, including the number

I was trying to create a function that added up the range of a number, including the number.

So when I input 5, I should receive 15.

Why is this function not working?

def sum_nums(number):
start = 0
for index in range(0,len(number)):
start += index
return start

print sum_nums(5)

Answer Source

This could be done with a 1 liner but i'll help you out with a solution in the format that you're attempting.

def sum_nums(number):
    total = 0
    for i in range(number + 1):
        total += i
    print total

Input 5

Output 15

Also, some clarification as per your error message. len is to be used for strings. An integer does not have a length. By simply passing it to the range function it will try all of the numbers (if you don't specify a starting number) from 1 up to that number, but not including it. That's why we do range(number + 1) to include the target number.

Hope this helps :)

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