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JSON Question

Mysql like query result using lodash from json array

I have JSON look like this

[{"id":"7","name":"hello","username":"hell7s692","password":"dAggzyFMnBXq3RjoTWoJ3ndBkGhyU6njT2ZPlNfXVV8+XU3vvrTaULUAbPcmsqgj1NpXOpzieKRXWox\/BVcYrA==","email":"","mobile_number":"7736527089","address":"hello","date":"24 Jan 2016 12:14:02","active":"1","commission":"5"},
{"id":"7","name":"hello","username":"hell7s692","password":"dAggzyFMnBXq3RjoTWoJ3ndBkGhyU6njT2ZPlNfXVV8+XU3vvrTaULUAbPcmsqgj1NpXOpzieKRXWox\/BVcYrA==","email":"","mobile_number":"7736527089","address":"hello","date":"24 Jan 2016 12:14:02","active":"1","commission":"5"}

From this i want to get the new json that matches the condition in like query

ie i want to get the json with the condition

get all the json object with name start with a letter

Similar mysql query
where name like he%

Currently i know about only
but it returns the array with only exact match.

var users = [
{ 'user': 'barney', 'age': 36, 'active': true },
{ 'user': 'fred', 'age': 40, 'active': false }

_.filter(users, _.matches({ 'age': 40, 'active': false }));
// → [{ 'user': 'fred', 'age': 40, 'active': false }]

This will returns with only exact match.

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Answer Source

Instead of using _.matches(), you can use _.startsWith() to match the first n-characters you need to. For example, if you want to match name starting with 'he', you can do something like this:

var result = [{
  name: 'hello'
}, {
  name: 'healthy'

_.filter(result, function(obj) {
  return _.startsWith(, 'he');

This should match both.

You can also use regular expression to match them:

_.filter(result, function(obj) {
    return === 0;  // i = ignore case

'i' in '/he/i' means ignore case, so this will match name = 'Hello' also.

search() returns the 1st position of the pattern it found, it returns -1 if not found. So if you need to find a pattern anywhere in a string instead of starting from the beginning, you can check for search() >= 0. So

_.filter(result, function(obj) {
    return >= 0;

will match 'hello', 'shell', 'healthy', 'the', and etc

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