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Git Question

how to see the last three time stamps that I did git pull?

I found there is only way to see the last git pull, which is the most current one I already done, I want to know the one that I did prior to the one I did most recently. Because I want to reverse my repo to that specific version at the date when I pulled it and the most recent pull I did is messed up.
So in summary, the timestamp of the one BEFORE my latest git pull is what I need.

The repo is bitbucket based git repo.

Is there way to do that at all?

Answer Source

git reflog --date=iso


2b88250 HEAD@{2016-12-02 01:22:55 +0200}: pull ssh://localhost:29418/test-project refs/changes/07/7/1: Fast-forward
b49719d HEAD@{2016-12-02 01:20:46 +0200}: pull ssh://localhost:29418/test-project refs/changes/06/6/1: Fast-forward
1f384f6 HEAD@{2016-12-02 01:19:06 +0200}: clone: from ssh://localhost:29418/test-project
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