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How to center links in HTML

I am really new to HTML and was wondering how you center multiple links with html?

I have been trying :

<a href="http//www.google.com"><p style="text-align:center">Search</a>

But the problem is when I try to put other links behind it for example:

<a href="http//www.google.com"><p style="text-align:center">Search</a><a href="Contact Us"><p style="text-align:center">Contact Us</a></p>

It just places them on separate lines. I believe this is happening because of the
function...but I only know HTML, I know you can do it in CSS but I was wondering if it can be done using just HTML.

Thanks for any help!

Answer Source

there are some mistakes in your code - the first: you havn't closed you p-tag:

<a href="http//www.google.com"><p style="text-align:center">Search</p></a>

next: p stands for 'paragraph' and is a block-element (so it's causing a line-break). what you wanted to use there is a span, wich is just an inline-element for formatting:

<a href="http//www.google.com"><span style="text-align:center">Search</span></a>

but if you just want to add a style to your link, why don't you set the style for that link directly:

<a href="http//www.google.com" style="text-align:center">Search</a>

in the end, this would at least be correct html, but still not exactly what you want, because text-align:center centers the text in that element, so you would have to set that for the element that contains this links (this piece of html isn't posted, so i can't correct you, but i hope you understand) - to show this, i'll use a simple div:

<div style="text-align:center">    
  <a href="http//www.google.com">Search</a>
  <!-- more links here -->

EDIT: some more additions to your question:

  • p is not a 'function', but you're right, this is causing the problem (because it's a block-element)
  • what you're trying to use is css - it's just inline instead of being placed in a seperate file, but you aren't doing 'just HTML' here
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