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Javascript Question

How do I extract and split coordinates from jQuery values inside brackets?

I'm getting coordinates via jQuery like this and fill them into a form:


The problem is that the value is filled in like this:

(40.00000, 150.00000)

How do I extract them from the brackets and "split" them into latitude & longitude values like:

pos_lat = 40.00000;
pos_long = 150.00000;

Answer Source

var pos = "(40.00000, 150.00000)";
var pos_segs = pos.slice(1,-1).split(', ');
var pos_lat = pos_segs[0];
var pos_long = pos_segs[1];


Thanks! Is it possible to run this within a function, too? – user1996496 1 hour ago

function getPos(strPos) {
  var pos_segs = strPos.slice(1, -1).split(', ');

  return {
    posLat: pos_segs[0],
    posLong: pos_segs[1]
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