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Swift Question

How to print to console using swift playground?

I have been following the Apple Guide for their new language swift, but I don't understand why the bar on the right is only showing "Hello, playground" and not "Hello, world". Can someone explain why the

isn't being printed on the right?

// Playground - noun: a place where people can play

import Cocoa

var str = "Hello, playground"

println("Hello, world");

enter image description here

Answer Source

In Xcode 6.3 and later (including Xcode 7 and 8), console output appears in the Debug area at the bottom of the playground window (similar to where it appears in a project). To show it:

  • Menu: View > Debug Area > Show Debug Area (⌘⇧Y)
  • Click the middle button of the workspace-layout widget in the toolbar

    workspace layout widget

  • Click the triangle next to the timeline at the bottom of the window

    triangle for console

Anything that writes to the console, including Swift's print statement (renamed from println in Swift 2 beta) shows up there.

In earlier Xcode 6 versions (which by now you probably should be upgrading from anyway), show the Assistant editor (e.g. by clicking the little circle next to a bit in the output area). Console output appears there.

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