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Have Find print just the filenames, not full paths

I'm using the find command in a ksh script, and I'm trying to retrieve just the filenames, rather than the full path. As in, I want it to return text.exe, not //severname/dir1/dir2/text.exe.

How would I go about getting that? To clarify, i know the directory the files are in, i am just grabbing the ones created befoee a ceetain date, so the pathname doesnt matter.

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you can do it with:

find ..... |sed 's#.*/##'

however does it really make sense? if there are two files with same filename but located in different directories, how can you distinguish them?


you are in /foo



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As you described in comment, so you want to

  1. find some files,
  2. copy them to a dir,
  3. gzip them to an archive say a.gz
  4. remove copied files only if step 2 was successful

This could be done in one shot:

find ...|xargs tar -czf /path/to/your/target/a.gz 

this will find files, make a tar (a.gz) to your target dir.

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