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C# Question

Decompile protected C#

I have a C# program and i want to decompile it, i used [ILSpy & NetReflector] and everything worked fine the program was decompiled but the source was encrypted or protected in a way because all the .cs file doesn't content the exact code that i want.
I tried the decompiling on other programs and the results was nice but only this file.
and this is a picture for the encrypted .cs files

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The code you're trying to look at has been compiled with an obfuscator to discourage people from decompiling it. The obfuscator re-arranges and renames things in the code in such a way that the computer can still run them, but they're harder for a human to understand.

One of the steps in obfuscation is swapping all the nice human-readable variable and class and method names with jumbles of random characters. That's why your decompiled files have a crazy mixture of Chinese, Korean, Greek, Hindi etc letters in them. That step is irreversible, because they're not encrypted, they're just replaced with nonsense.

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