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AngularJS Question

Function not working in Angular

The below defined function will open a dialog from a loop

$,req, "")
.then(function (response) {
for (var r = 0; r < ; r++){
foo([r], r);

function foo(i, j) {
$rootScope.dialogOpen = function () {
alert('i = ' + i + ', j = ' + j );

While debugging I am able to hit the function but the dialog isn't opening . What went wrong .

Answer Source

Looks to me like $rootScope.dialogOpen() gets defined but never called. The body of your function foo declares $rootScope.dialogOpen() but this is never called.

I am not sure how your app is structured, but it's almost certain you shouldn't be defining $rootScope.dialogOpen() inside of foo. The dialogOpen function should be declared elsewhere such as in your master controller and called by foo, i.e.:

// In your master controller:
$scope.dialogOpen = function(i,j)
    $scope.num= i;
    $scope.count = j;

// In the controller that contains your $http.Post():
function foo(i,j)
$,req, "").then(function (response) {
     for (var r = 0; r <; r++){
         foo([r], r);
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