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Embed google map using share url

Say, you go to google maps and search for 'Walmart', then choose the first Walmart in the list, and you get a URL like:


then if you go to that URL, it gives you a valid map with the pinpoint. This (above) is the URL that would be stored in my database, thus the URL I want to use to embed a map.

Of course, I can't use that URL to embed in an iframe, and I instead have to use:

So... for any shareable Google Maps url, how can I convert it to an embeddable url to be used as the iframe

I can do it server-side using PHP or client-side with javascript. use of regex would be acceptable.

Answer Source

This could do the trick :

$matches = [];


$place = $matches[1];


$lat = $matches[1];
$long = $matches[2];

echo '<iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/place?q='.$place.'&center='.$lat.','.$long.'&key=AIzaSyAN0om9mFmy1QN6Wf54tXAowK4eT0ZUPrU&zoom=8" frameborder="0"></iframe>';

After the first @ char it is located the latitude and logitude, which you can extract using the regex I wrote, and than capture the output on 2 groups and add it that on the embedd URL.

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