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Docker containers having trouble exposing ports to host on Mac

I was trying to expose a port from the Docker container on which my server is running to my Mac host so that my browser on the host can access it.

I could use

run -it -p <port>:<port> ...
command to expose a port. That certainly works on Linux host (I have been doing that all the time before with no problem). But never worked on my Mac. By "never worked", I mean no ports from the container side is exposed at all even though the
docker ps
commands did show the mapping like this>8080/tcp
. But nothing could be connected.

So I am wondering if there is any extra-configuration I have to do to make it happen. I am using macOS Sierra 10.12 and Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe.

Any input will be appreciated! Thanks!

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If you're using Docker Toolbox, you need to make sure to get the right Docker machine IP address.

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name webserver nginx

Find the right IP with docker-machine ip. You might get

Then you can check it by open web browser at with out proxy.

If you're using Docker for Mac, please read this docs.

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