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Empty GROUP BY in PostgreSQL

I have a table of association rules (say antecedent, succedent, and support). I would like to draw them in GraphViz. I have became so lazy that I don't want to code any imperative script for that, I would just like to select the DOT source directly in SQL.

My idea was as simple as

SELECT string_agg('"' || x || '" -> "' || y || '" [weight="' || weight || '"]', E'\n')
FROM rules

Then I realized I'm having surprising difficulties with the
clause. Because I need to group all the rows, the clause should be left empty.

What is the most elegant way of saying
, i.e. perform the grouping on an empty set of columns?

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To aggregate all rows, you don't need to form groups with GROUP BY and can can just omit the GROUP BY clause. The manual:

If there are aggregate functions but no GROUP BY clause, the query is treated as having a single group comprising all the selected rows.

Or (if you are building the query string dynamically) you can use any constant expression like:


You can't use GROUP BY 1 for this purpose because integer constants serve as positional references (ordinal numbers) in GROUP BY: