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Java Question

cast across classloader?

How can I do this:

class Foo {
public static Foo get() throws Exception {
ClassLoader cl = new URLClassLoader(new URL[]{"foo.jar"}, null); // Foo.class is in foo.jar
return (Foo)cl.loadClass("Foo").newInstance(); // fails on class cast

What I need is for the JVM to consider the Foo instance from cl as if it is an instance of Foo from the classloader of the executing code.

I have seen these approaches, none of them good for me (the above example is a toy example):

  1. Load the class (or a separate interface) by a class loader that is a parent of both the calling code and created classloader

  2. Serialize and deserialize the object.

Answer Source

Not possible. Class identity consists of the fully qualified name and the class loader.

Casting an object to a class with the same name loaded by different classloaders is no different than trying to cast a String to Integer, because those classes really could be completely different despite having the same name.

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