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SQL Question

SQL concatenating strings?

I have a query that takes input from the end user and compares it to 2 columns individually, and the two columns concatenated.

SELECT f_name, l_name, (f_name + ' ' + l_name) AS full_name
FROM users_table
WHERE f_name = user-input
OR l_name = user-input
OR 'full_name' = user-input

Excuse the massive syntax fail, but I assure you it's correct in the program.

It is written in PHP, querying a SQL SERVER 2005 database, and is case insensitive.

Typing one name (first or last) will return correct results, but typing first, then space, then last, returns an empty set.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

that is because 'full_name' is a literal and not a column name, it does not exists at the WHERE clause level

you need to add

OR f_name + ' ' + l_name = user-input

instead of OR 'full_name' = user-input

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