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Black StatusBar with black font in Windows 10 mobile app

I have a Windows 10 UWP app running on mobile. When I run the app in an emulator, everything works fine. When I run it on a device (Lumia 550), the StatusBar is black with black font and the status indicators are not visible.

enter image description here

Is this some kind of bug?

I know I can force the StatusBar to have white background and black color, but the requirement for the app is to stick with the theme (black StatusBar in dark theme, white in Light theme).

If I create a new empty Windows 10 app and run it on a device, the problem is the same, it is not specific to my app.

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Here's a more proper answer:

In Windows 10 Mobile the statusbar inherits it's background color from the topmost page. The foreground color is inherited from RequestedTheme.

This means that if you set the background color of your page to black and your RequestedTheme to Light (which gives a white foreground color), the text will be black on black.

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Have you read this?: https://stenobot.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/uwp-app-development-styling-the-mobile-status-bar/

It might help you.

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