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implementing and testing thread_create function

I'm very new in C and Linux and English is not my mother language. Sorry for those in advance.

I'm working on school project which is implementing thread api and I made the thread_create() function using clone().
The thing is when I do

thread_create(&tid1, NULL, (void *)Testcase1, 0);
it creates new thread but TestCase1 also includes thread_create and it doesn't seem create another thread. Let me explain with my code.

this is my thread_create below:

int foo(void* arg){
return 0;
int thread_create(thread_t *thread, thread_attr_t *attr, void *(*start_routine) (void *), void *arg)
void* stack;

stack= malloc( STACK_SIZE );
pid_t pid;

if( stack==0)
perror( "malloc : could not allocate stack" );
exit( 1 );
if(pid == -1)
kill(pid, SIGSTOP);

Thread* newTCB = (Thread*)malloc(sizeof(Thread));
newTCB->stackSize = malloc(STACK_SIZE);
newTCB->pid = pid;


printf("Child thread returned and stack freed.\n");
return 0;

And this is my test code below:

thread_create(&tid1, NULL, (void*)TestCase1, 0);

TestCase1() below:

int Tc1ThreadProc(int param)
int tid = 0;
int count = 0;

tid = thread_self();

count = 3;
while (count > 0)
/* sleep for 1 seconds */
printf("Tc1ThreadProc: my thread id (%d), arg is (%d)\n", tid, param);
void TestCase1(void)
thread_t tid[TOTAL_THREAD_NUM];

thread_create(&tid[0], NULL, (void*)Tc1ThreadProc, (int*)1);
thread_create(&tid[1], NULL, (void*)Tc1ThreadProc, (int*)2);
thread_create(&tid[2], NULL, (void*)Tc1ThreadProc, (int*)3);


return ;

it's supposed to print
"Tc1ThreadProc: my thread id (%d), arg is (%d)\n"
this 3 times but it prints only
which is on foo().
How do I fix this?

Answer Source

You pass pointer to function "TestCase1" as argument to "thread_create", but inside "thread_create" you don't use it at all:

thread_create(&tid1, NULL, (void*)TestCase1, 0);

You're calling "clone" syscall only with pointer to "foo" function. From inside "thread_create" your "TestCase1" pointer is named "start_routine", so you need to call similar "clone" syscall, but instead pointer to "foo" you should pass pointer to "TestCase1". Something like that:

pid = clone( start_routine, (char*) stack + STACK_SIZE, SIGCHLD | CLONE_VM | CLONE_SIGHAND | CLONE_FS | CLONE_FILES, 0);
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