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Ajax stop working if loaded by infinite scrolling in laravel 5.2

I am learning ajax and jquery now, i currently develop a page which user can like/dislike post, and the all the post will display by loaded with infinite scroll, by default each time will load 5 post, but the problem is if the post is loaded by infinite scroll then the ajax button will stop working. After i doing some research and i know that is because the function is not loaded. But i cannot found the solution for that, can someone help me here?

This is my ajax button function

postId =['postid'];
var null;
data:{ isAgree: isAgree,postId:postId,_token:token}
.done(function() { = isAgree ? == 'Agree' ? 'You agree this post' : 'Agree' : == 'Disagree' ? 'You disagree this post' : 'Disagree';
if (isAgree) { = 'Disagree';
} else { = 'Agree';



Here is the infinite scroll function.

$(document).ready(function() {

function fetchPosts() {

var page = $('.endless-pagination').data('next-page');

if(page !== null && page !== "") {

clearTimeout( $.data( this, "scrollCheck" ) );

$.data( this, "scrollCheck", setTimeout(function() {
var scroll_position_for_posts_load = $(window).height() + $(window).scrollTop() + 100;

if(scroll_position_for_posts_load >= $(document).height()) {
$.get(page, function(data){
$('.endless-pagination').data('next-page', data.next_page);

}, 350))



Is there any possible way to combine both function together?

Answer Source

delegate your click event

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