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Git Question

Can a lightweight tag be converted to an annotated tag?

I've tagged a commit with a lightweight tag, and pushed that tag to a remote repo, shared with other developers. I have now realised I should have annotated it so that it appears in

git describe

Is there a way to convert it/re-tag the commit without breaking things?

Answer Source

A lightweight tag is just a 'ref' that points at that commit. You can force-create a new annotated tag on top of the old tag:

git tag -a -f <tagname> <tagname>

As of Git v1.8.2, you need to use --force to replace any tags on a remote with git push, even if you are replacing a lightweight tag with something that is effectively a fast-forward or a true tag object pointing at the same commit as the existing tag reference.

git push --force origin <tagname>
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