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How to use more than two models in MVC razor view?

I have used entity data model wizard to create an entity framework for my tables in the SQL server however I need to use more than two models in my razor view within MVC , currently I have an existing linq query in :

Controller View

var test = from a in db.tbl_users
where a == 2
select a;

return view (test.ToList());

Razor View:

@model IEnumerable <Telephone_Search.Models.tbl_users>

@foreach (var item in model)

@HTML.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.users)

However I plan to access other tables which exist in the Entity Framework which I want loop through , something like this..

@model IEnumerable <Telephone_Search.Models.'EntityFramework'>

@foreach (var item in 'entityframework')

@HTML.DisplayFor(modelItem => EntityFramework.'table'.'item')

I have tried to create a view modal however my classes are seperated within the model folder and I'm not sure how to wrap these classes into one view model?

Thank you


You have to create a new class, usually called a ViewModel and pass the data in that class:

public class MyViewModel
  public IEnumerable<Telephone_Search.Models.tbl_users> users;
  public IEnumerable<OtherType> otherThings;
  public string SomeOtherProp {get;set;}

In the view:

@model MyViewModel

foreach (var usr in Model.users) {...}
foreach (var ot in Model.OtherThings) {...}

In the controller:

var test = from a in db.tbl_users
       where a == 2
       select a;

var otherTypes = from x in db.tbl_otherTypes where x.Prop > 10 select x;

return this.View(new MyViewModel
  users = test,
  otherThings = otherTypes,
  SomeOtherProp = "stackoverflow answer"