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How to View Readme in VS Preview as well as TFS Welcome Page

When I create a project with Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio, a
is automatically generated and placed in the top-level of the project folder (in the same folder as the

This is great, as it allows me to display said readme on the project's Welcome page:

enter image description here

However, this means that when I open this project in Visual Studio, I cannot see the readme, as Solution Explorer scopes to the folder below the solution:

enter image description here

This is not ideal, as it means that I cannot preview the readme in Visual Studio using the Markdown preview extension.

My question is: Is there some way of having the readme in one location such that I can preview it both on TFS and in Visual Studio? Please note that although I am using TFS to host my repositories, I am using Git for source control instead of Team Foundation Server Version Control.

What I have already tried:

  1. As seen in the 2nd screenshot above, I added a
    to the project folder in the hopes that I could then add that to the welcome page on TFS, however I cannot see such an option.

  2. I tried scoping to the top-level folder in Visual Studio, but this is not allowed

  3. Selected Show All Files' in Solution Explorer, but this does not reveal

Answer Source

You just need to add a file in the root of you source control with your team project.

enter image description here

Then you should view the file in source control explorer instead of solution explorer. You can also preview the readme both in Visual Studio with the extenstion and tfs web portal.


enter image description here

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