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Case insensitive std::string.find()

I am using

method to test if a string is a substring of another. Now I need case insensitive version of the same thing. For string comparison I can always turn to
but there doesn't seem to be a

I have found various answers and most suggest using
which is not an option in my case. Additionally, I need to support
. Any ideas?

Answer Source

You could use std::search with a custom predicate.

#include <locale>
#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;

// templated version of my_equal so it could work with both char and wchar_t
template<typename charT>
struct my_equal {
    my_equal( const std::locale& loc ) : loc_(loc) {}
    bool operator()(charT ch1, charT ch2) {
        return std::toupper(ch1, loc_) == std::toupper(ch2, loc_);
    const std::locale& loc_;

// find substring (case insensitive)
template<typename T>
int ci_find_substr( const T& str1, const T& str2, const std::locale& loc = std::locale() )
    typename T::const_iterator it = std::search( str1.begin(), str1.end(), 
        str2.begin(), str2.end(), my_equal<typename T::value_type>(loc) );
    if ( it != str1.end() ) return it - str1.begin();
    else return -1; // not found

int main(int arc, char *argv[]) 
    // string test
    std::string str1 = "FIRST HELLO";
    std::string str2 = "hello";
    int f1 = ci_find_substr( str1, str2 );

    // wstring test
    std::wstring wstr1 = L"ОПЯТЬ ПРИВЕТ";
    std::wstring wstr2 = L"привет";
    int f2 = ci_find_substr( wstr1, wstr2 );

    return 0;
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