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jQuery Question

jquery slideshow delays before looping back through?

I'm trying to create a simple image slideshow but it's not exactly working the way I want. When it cycles through all the images, I want it to immediately loop back to the first picture. But, there seems to be a delay before it loops back which isn't what i want. How can i fix this?

here's my codepen

var seconds = 2000;
var step = 0;
var limit = 2;


step = (step > limit) ? 0 : step + 1;

Answer Source

Change limit to zero: limit = 0;

Even with 2 images as in your codepen example, you are starting your step (count) at 0, and also only resetting the slideshow when step > limit, which requires 4 "rounds".

I've made an example of this behaviour here (see the counter): https://codepen.io/anon/pen/YERNrP

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