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HTML Question

Add class to div when he visible

How can I add class to some element (

) when those on visible on a screen or maybe his position in the center of the screen and remove this class when the page scrolled down or up?

Answer Source

Try This.

$.fn.visible = function(partial){
        var $t              = $(this),
            $w              = $(window),
            viewTop         = $w.scrollTop(),
            viewBottom      = viewTop + $w.height(),
            _top            = $t.offset().top,
            _bottom         = _top + $t.height(),
            compareTop      = partial === true ? _bottom : _top,
            compareBottom   = partial === true ? _top : _bottom;
        return ((compareBottom <= viewBottom) && (compareTop >= viewTop));


function checkVisible()
html, body {
  height: 100%;
  margin: 0;
.grid2x2 {
  min-height: 100%;
  display: flex;
  flex-wrap: wrap;
  flex-direction: row;
.grid2x2 > div {
  display: flex; 
  flex-basis: calc(50% - 40px);  
  justify-content: center;
  flex-direction: column;
  min-height: 100px;
.grid2x2 > div > div {
  display: flex;
  justify-content: center;
  flex-direction: row;

.box { margin: 20px; background-color: black; }
.box-active{background-color: green;}
<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

<div class="grid2x2">
        <div class="box box1"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box2"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box3"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box4"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box5"><div>five</div></div>
        <div class="box box6"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box7"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box8"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box9"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box10"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box11"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box12"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box13"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box14"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box15"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box16"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box17"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box18"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box19"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box20"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box21"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box22"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box23"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box24"><div>four</div></div>
        <div class="box box25"><div>one</div></div>
        <div class="box box26"><div>two</div></div>
        <div class="box box27"><div>three</div></div>
        <div class="box box28"><div>four</div></div>

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