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JSPM / SystemJS can't find source-map-support.js

First I have to say, I am struggling having JSPM + SystemJS + TypeScript + Angular working all together. Posting all my files here would be a bit too much, but what I can say is that I can import standard JS files compiled through the default transpiler "babel" and that works. As soon as I try to work with my .ts files, it breaks.

I am having something like this in my config.js:

typescriptOptions: {
"experimentalDecorators": true,
"module": "system",
"noImplicitAny": true,
"target": "ES5",
"tsconfig": false
paths: {
"github:*": "jspm_packages/github/*",
"npm:*": "jspm_packages/npm/*",
"app/*": "src/*"

packages: {
"src": {
"main": "index",
"format": "system",
"defaultExtension": "ts",
"meta": {
"*.ts": {
"loader": "ts"

When I try to load it through System.import('./src/index.ts'), I get an error "source-map-support.js 404 (Not Found)" in the console. I am not using source-map or anything related to it, I tried to install it through jspm but it doesn't help, I googled and Stackoverflowed about it but nothing comes up. I have no idea how to debug this.

Do you have any idea? I am not even looking for the perfect solution, but somewhere to start looking would be awesome.

Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

while debugging the same problem, and came across this issue: https://github.com/frankwallis/plugin-typescript/issues/160 (the comment by @aluanhaddad)

I can confirm that it worked for me to manually install source-map-support

jspm install npm:source-map-support

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