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C++ Question

Stack walk with inline asm for VC++

I have inserted the following asm code in my C++ code. I am using a VC++ compiler.

char c;
curr_stack_return_addr = s.AddrFrame.Offset; //I am doing a stack walk
push bx
mov eax, curr_stack_return_addr
mov bl, BYTE PTR [eax - 1]
mov c,bl
pop bx


I get the correct value in c for my functions but it crashes when it reaches system functions on stack. I get no compiler errors. What did I do wrong?

Resolved: I forgot to check for end of stack! The return address in last frame is 0. Thanks everyone.

Answer Source

I see two problems here:

  1. push bl and pop bl don't exist. You can only push and pop word or dwords. The compiler warns by the way.

  2. How do you know that eax points to a legal address?

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