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How can i start WebRTC sample application?

I've read a lot of documents about webRTC. Now I want to implement a sample application. I went through this useful stack overflow question.

And I got some client, a server in Javascript. I don't know how to start to see this demo . What are the steps should I take?

They explained like :

signaling technology: WebSockets
client: pure html/javascript
server: node.js, ws
last tested on: Firefox 40.0.2, Chrome 44.0.2403.157 m, Opera 31.0.1889.174

I understand this but I don't have much practical knowledge on this. These are my questions to setup this demo ?

  • Should I have a
    hosting account
    ? or can I use this with my

  • Next , where should I done this
    node.js, ws
    ? can I use with
    and install
    and run the
    file on that ?

  • How can I start
    code on my Linux machine ?

  • Only
    file is required to setup this
    application ?

Answer Source

I am new with WebRTC too, but i hope my answer can satisfy you

  1. You can use that demo in localhost
  2. You can install nodejs in linux machine and run server.js on that.
  3. To run the demo
    • run server.js through nodejs. Make sure you installed ws package first.
    • then you create a directory name static and put client-side code in there.
    • open your browser and go to localhost:80 to see the demo.
  4. Yes, you just need 2 files to setup that application. The client file in Working Hello World WebRTC DataChannel Examples with Signaling Implemented is a html file not javascript.

You can see another tutorial in here:

Sorry for my bad English.

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