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Where we can see the MySql database table and stored values from Mac OS X?

I am developing a simple iPhone app for Apple Push Notification. I followed the below link I have downloaded the MySql from here and downloaded in my mac. And

RayWenderlich gave us a php and sql file for the project
i have downloaded the
PushChatServer folder from the above raywenderlich site
. I this folder i found
database.sql, api.sql and push.sql
. Now i want to check whether the entered values store in the database tables or not.

How and where can i check the table and stored values from the Mac OS X v10.6.8? Can anyone please help me to found the solution? Thanks in advance.

Here is the table details

api.sql = CREATE TABLE active_users
database.sql = CREATE DTATABASE pushchat DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
push.sql = CREATE TABLE push_queue

Please help me.


You can download one software using that yo can see your all database or table data download sqlite manager dmg file and install in your mac.