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Creating a standard map that is thread safe

In my current scenario speed is essential I have a map that is only being read by multiple threads and this works fine. Now a requirement came up that may require writing to the static map once in a while while the maps are being read by other threads. I believe this is a game changer since I would need to lock my maps for thread safety.This poses a problem since I have multiple threads 10-12 threads that are going to be reading the map. If one map takes a lock on the map (since its reading) I believe the lock would be necessary since something might be written to a map. Anyways as I stated earlier that if one map is reading then other maps wont have the parallel reading access to the map like they did earlier. Is there any way by which I can circumvent this issue ?

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You can use a shared_mutex beside your map to acquire shared or unique access. Generally, a write operation will require unique access, while read operations will require shared access.

Any number of threads can acquire shared access, as long as no threads are holding unique access. If a thread attempts to acquire unique access, it waits until all shared access is released.

The standard library and Boost provide shared_lock<T> and unique_lock<T> for scope-bounded acquisition of a shared_mutex.

Beware that some people claim shared_mutex performs poorly, though I haven't seen any evidence or strong analysis to support these claims. It may be worth looking into, if it matters to you.

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