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(fork / waitpid) Wait for a list of child processes but interrupt the wait every time a child finishes

I'm using

to spawn a number of child processes that run several tasks in parallel. In my case it is not sufficient to simply wait on all child processes in a loop, because if the first process in my list is the last to finish then my
call would block until that process has finished.

I want my
call to wake up every time a process has finished. The reason is that I immediately want to inspect the finished child process's exit code to determine if the process was successful so I can cancel any child processes still running. In my case, there is no point in letting them continue (potentially for hours!) if any child process returns a non-zero exit code because that would indicate an error, and even a single error would make the whole undertaking pointless.

(EDIT: I know that that's not how
actually works, but I'm looking for something like that.)

Now, I could do this by using a loop to call
with the
flag and then keep checking my child processes with sleep intervals between individual
calls, but this solution seems like a hack. Does anyone have a more elegant solution?

Answer Source

You can use the wait function, it waits for a child process to terminate and returns the pid of the deceased process.

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