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Android Question

The sdk platform-tools (23.1) is too old to check APIs compiled with API 24; please update

I am getting this error on the latest version of Android Studio and while I have installed both Android SDK Platform API 24 Revision 1 and Android SDK Build-Tools 24.

I have also tried File>Invalidate Caches/ Restart... and Build>Rebuild Project.

EDIT: I have also followed all instructions under Android Developers, but I still get this error.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Answer Source

It's not an error. It's just a warning given by Android Studio since the

compileSdkVersion 24

is greater than the

sdk platform-tools version 23.1

sdk platform-tools 24 have not yet been released by Google. Once, they are released, you can update it and the warning will be gone. For now, you can make the following changes in the gradle file and continue with your project.

compileSdkVersion 23
buildToolsVersion 23.0.3
targetSdkVersion 23
compile ''
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