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Android Question

How can I get the options menu of my Activity?

In some methods of my Activity I want to check the title of menu or know if it is checked or not. How can I get Activity's menu. I need something like


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Be wary of invalidateOptionsMenu(). It recreates the entire menu. This has a lot of overhead and will reset embedded components like the SearchView. It took me quite a while to track down why my SearchView would "randomly" close.

I ended up capturing the menu as posted by Dark and then call onPrepareOptionsMenu(Menu) as necessary. This met my requirement without an nasty side effects. Gotcha: Make sure to do a null check in case you call onPrepareOptionsMenu() before the menu is created. I did this as below:

private Menu mOptionsMenu;

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(final Menu menu) {
    mOptionsMenu = menu

private void updateOptionsMenu() {
    if (mOptionsMenu != null) {
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