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One-Time Pop-Up Box (SweetAlert2)

I have been making use of a new pop-up box system called "SweetAlert", which makes use of Java & CSS. It looks very appealing to the user, and I wanted to use it on my website for a purpose which I am struggling to achieve. I wanted to create a one-time popup box and once it's closed the user will not see it again. I know many websites use cookies however I have no idea how to go about implementing this into my script.
I would love some support with this!

title: 'Website Maintenance Complete!',
text: 'For full update log please click <a href="">here</a>',
type: 'success',
confirmButtonText: 'Nice!'

Above is the script I use to make the pop-up box appear when the page loads, and I only want it to appear once. If anyone can point me in the right direction or provide a solution that would be great. Cheers!

Answer Source

You could use cookies to detect returning visitors:

if (-1 === document.cookie.indexOf('returning=true')) {

  // run only if cookie not found (-1 means not found)

  swal( ... ); // alert
  document.cookie = 'returning=true'; // set cookie
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