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Perl Question

Regex - Match string that with : and space

I have below possible strings and i need to match specific chars.

Possible String to match:

dsg. = STRING: 1234 blah blah blah


dsg. = STRING: "1234 blah blah blah"

Below is the Regex that i have tried. It is working but for the 1st string, It is matching with " "


To match the above possible string, I used if condition that match well for the
dsg. = STRING: "1234 blah blah blah"

Not the
dsg. = STRING: 1234 blah blah blah

Output issue after match:

2. [29-58] ` 1234 blah blah blah`

output needed:

1. [29-58] `1234 blah blah blah` --> No space

Please help me on this issue.

Answer Source

In perl (PCRE) you can use a regex using (?|...) non-capturing group construct:


RegEx Demo

(?|...) - Subpatterns declared within each alternative of this construct will start over from the same index.

This regex will match 1234 blah blah blah in the captured group #1 for both input lines.

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