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Java - convert any unit to any unit

I am trying to make a method that will convert any unit to any larger unit. I need to, I'm guessing provide parameters for each input, so I'm guessing it needs to ask the user parameters for..startingNum, conversionFactor, outPutNum, but I'm unsure where to begin. I already made one with inches:

public Convertor()

* Mutator method to convert inches to feet
public void convertValuesInchtoFeet(int anyInches)
leftoverInches= anyInches%12;
System.out.println(inches+" inches = " +feet+" feet.");
System.out.println("There are " +leftoverInches +" leftover inches");


Please help! Thanks.

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Any unit to any unit is a bit vague, but generally you need to provide: a) input number b) input unit c) output unit

Assuming you want to make a function that does general conversion between feet, inches and yards.

I'd take a look at the TimeUnit API and see if you get any ideas on a different way of doing it. Its made using enumerations with methods in them, but I don't know how familiar you are with Enums.

Oh yeah, TimeUnit is used like this: TimeUnit.SECONDS.toMillis(1); // Returns 1000