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Do Android AppLinks require a production release of App?

I am working on integrating Android Applinks into my application. I have successfully integrated deeplinking via branch.io and uri schemes to take a user into my application when installed. I am now trying to get AppLinks to work and to take the user to the Play Store if the app is not installed. Currently this is not working so I am trying to rule out variables. Specifically, I am testing AppLinks with an App on Closed-Alpha via the developer console.

Should I expect AppLinks to work if I am testing the App on a non-production release?

Note: I am able to access the app via the appstore on my Android device.

Answer Source

Alex from Branch.io here. To answer your specific question:

No, it is not necessary for the version of the app in the Play Store to support App Links. In fact, it is not even necessary to have the app in the Play Store at all.

This sounds like a configuration problem, but it's impossible to debug without more information. Feel free to post additional details here, or reach out to the Branch Integrations team for assistance!

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