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Swift Question

FormBaseCell' is only available on iOS 10.0 or newer

I am using SwiftForms library from GitHub. I recently upgraded my xcode project to Swift 3 and fixed several errors after that. I also made sure to issue

pod update
to make sure SwiftForms is up to date (how do I check if I have the latest version?).

One of the error I can't seem to solve is this:

enter image description here

When I go to the description of FormBaseCell:
enter image description here

I can see that the class
is only available for ios 10.

How do solve this error?



Your minimum deployment iOS version is less than 10.0, that's why this error comes.

A lines with

public typealias ...

are compiled and run on SDK lower than 10.0 as well. In this case it could be missing in your product.