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Javascript Question

Finding if element is visible (JavaScript )

I have a javascript function that tries to determine whether a div is visible and does various processes with that variable. I am successfully able to swap an elements visibility by changing it's display between none and block; but I cannot store this value...

I have tried getting the elements display attribute value and finding if the the element ID is visible but neither has worked. When I try .getAttribute it always returns null; I am not sure why because I know that id is defined and it has a display attribute.

Here is the code of the two different methods I have tried:

var myvar = $("#mydivID").is(":visible");
var myvar = document.getElementById("mydivID").getAttribute("display");

Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

Display is not an attribute, it's a CSS property inside the style attribute.

You may be lookig for

var myvar = document.getElementById("mydivID").style.display;


var myvar = $("#mydivID").css('display');
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