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Single Sign On without cookies in Java

I keep on facing this question from my manager how SSO will work if client disable cookies but I don't have any answer. We are currently using JOSSO for single sign on. Do we have any open source framework which support single sign on without using cooking mechanism.

Answer Source

In the absence of cookies, you're going to have to embed some parameter in each url request. e.g. after logging in you assign some arbitrary id to a user and embed that in every link such as http://mydomain.com/main?sessionid=123422234235235. It could get pretty messy since every link would have to be fixed up before it went out the door which slows down your content. It also has security, logging and session history implications which are not such a huge deal when the state is in a cookie.

It may be simpler to do a simple cookie test on logged in users and send them off to an error page if they do not have cookies enabled.

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