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CSS Question

need to replace icon fetched from

I am getting an upload icon on the label with the following code.

<input type="file" name="file-5[]" id="file-5" class="inputfile inputfile-4" data-multiple-caption="{count} files selected" multiple />
<label for="file-5"><figure><svg xmlns="" width="20" height="17" viewBox="0 0 20 17"><path d="M10 0l-5.2 4.9h3.3v5.1h3.8v-5.1h3.3l-5.2-4.9zm9.3 11.5l-3.2-2.1h-2l3.4 2.6h-3.5c-.1 0-.2.1-.2.1l-.8 2.3h-6l-.8-2.2c-.1-.1-.1-.2-.2-.2h-3.6l3.4-2.6h-2l-3.2 2.1c-.4.3-.7 1-.6 1.5l.6 3.1c. 1.2.9h16.3c.6 0 1.1-.4 1.3-.9l.6-3.1c.1-.5-.2-1.2-.7-1.5z"/></svg></figure> <span style="display: none;">Choose a file&hellip;</span></label>

I want to replace it with a CAMERA icon... How can I do that?


Answer Source

Check this link , you can replace this image, you have to convert image to svg.


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