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PHP : Check if the URL contains slash at the end

I'm using model view controller and in my URL I need to have slash at the ending of the url. How to check if it is having a slash or not?

http://localhost/tabulation/event/event_name/<--I need to check this slash

$url = isset($_GET['url']) ? $_GET['url'] : null;
$url = rtrim($url. '/');
$url = explode('/', $url);
//if($url[2] has no backslashes then execute the condition

Answer Source

You can achieve this by getting the whole url first then get the last character

$getWholeUrl = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']."";

//The output would be 

if(substr($getWholeUrl , -1)=='/'){
    //Add your condition here

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