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execute shell script code depends upon php return value

I haven't that much of knowledge in PHP, and I need to run a script that depends upon the PHP return value.


success=$(php -f $presentDir/optimize.php $file)
echo echo "value:".$success

PHP code

} catch(Exception $e){
return 1
return 0

When executing the above shell script, success is empty.

Answer Source

PHP's return statement doesn't send any output to STDOUT, which is what you'd be catching with the $() construct. To see the exit value from a command you use the exit statement in PHP and the shell's $? variable. Maybe this is what you're looking for?

try {
} catch(Exception $e){
    exit 1;
exit 0;

Followed by:

php -f optimize.php "$file"
printf "PHP script returned %d" $?

# or you could just use if:
if php -f optimize.php "$file"; then

There's no need to include the current working directory in a script call. (Further to that, you could make the script executable and call it directly!)

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