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JSON Question

Pandas DataFrame to Bootstrap Table

I have successfully passed a DataFrame table to html by converting it to a Json Object. Here is what the Json object looks like.

accrued_income:{1501545600000: 236368.08, 1501632000000: 239957.09, Pct_Change: 1.5183987618}
nav:{1501545600000: 24.37265947, 1501632000000: 24.43271182, Pct_Change: 0.2463922744}
outstanding_shares_par:{1501545600000: 865725.234, 1501632000000: 865725.234, Pct_Change: 0}
security_value:{1501545600000: 19863626.03, 1501632000000: 19938086.06, Pct_Change: 0.3748561813}
shareholder_equity:{1501545600000: 21100026.32, 1501632000000: 21152015.16, Pct_Change: 0.2463922993}
total_assets:{1501545600000: 21198382.3, 1501632000000: 21250293, Pct_Change: 0.2448804785}

Now I want to display this on a
Bootstrap Table.
There are three columns:
, and 'Pct_Change'. The first two columns basically are DateTime converted into a unix format. Furthermore, I want the the
to be row labels. Essentially I want a table that looks like this:

enter image description here

Sorry for the bad quality...

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Unless you're doing something with JSON that you cannot perform with pandas, you can directly parse your DataFrame from pandas into an HTML table and assign the appropriate CSS classes while doing it.

# Creates the dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame(myData)

# Parses the dataframe into an HTML element with 3 Bootstrap classes assigned.
html = df.to_html(classes=["table-bordered", "table-striped", "table-hover"])

More info about the to_html() method:

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