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How to trigger Dynamic ng-model from controller?

I run a loop in my html and each iteration there will be dynamically model created.

<tr ng-repeat="item in voucherItems">
<td><input type="text" ng-model="this['id-' + $index]" typeahead=" as brand.BRANDNAME for brand in brandList" class="input-group" /></td>


model will be like id1,id2,id3 etc.
Now i want to use that dynamic model in my angular controller.

function GetValue(indexno) {
var model=scope."id"+indexno;

the value of var model will be the value of scope.id1 or scope.id2 or scope.id3 as created in html.Now the problem is


does not work like scope.id1 or scope.id2 or scope.id3 which will be the dynamic model rather it's showing error.Question is how can i write this quoted part in angular controller which will be work like scope.id1 or scope.id2 or How can i trigger that model dynamically?

Answer Source

finally got it.In html


in controller.I have to declare first{};

then in the GetValue method

function GetValue(indexno) {

that works for me.[indexno] working like scope.id1 or scope.id2 etc.Thanks to @Nora and @gianlucatursi.

OBSERVATION You can declare[] instead of{} it will work also.

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