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Python Question

Brute force with python selenium?

I am trying to brute force with

python selenium
But it seems to be too time taking unlike brute force with python requests,although both are different.I was wondering is there any way that brute force can be done more faster?

Answer Source

I once wrote a Python script that used Splinter to drive Firefox via Selenium for a video that demonstrated brute-forcing a Wordpress login in the same fashion (for educating site owners about how easy it was to brute-force the Wordpress login by default). I used this method precisely because it was slower (and it was possible to see it happening).

There's no getting away from the fast that it will be much faster using requests, because it still needs to load all the CSS, images and Javascript. Using a headless browser like PhantomJS might help since it won't have to render it on screen, but if you don't need to see it anyway you might as well use requests.

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