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cancelAllLocalNotifications not working in iOS10

I want to remove all previous local notification from NotificationCenter when adding new notifications. But it is working in iOS9.0 and lower version but in iOS 10 it fires multiple local notifications. So it seems like

not clearing notifications.

Code compile successfully in iOS10.


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For iOS 10, Swift 3.0

cancelAllLocalNotifications deprecated from iOS 10.

@available(iOS, introduced: 4.0, deprecated: 10.0, message: "Use UserNotifications Framework's -[UNUserNotificationCenter removeAllPendingNotificationRequests]")
open func cancelAllLocalNotifications()

Get notification center. And perform the operation like below

let center = UNUserNotificationCenter.current()
center.removeAllDeliveredNotifications() // To remove all delivered notifications
center.removeAllPendingNotificationRequests() // To remove all pending notifications which are not delivered yet but scheduled.

If you want to remove single or multiple specific notification, you can achieve it by below method.

center.removeDeliveredNotifications(withIdentifiers: ["your notification identifier"])

Hope it helps..!!