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Windows application using Silverlight

I want to develop a windows based application in silverlight. I went through many articles and every where I found that "Silverlight is for web based application". I don't know whether I am wrong or right, as my superiors told me that in Silverlight5 we can develop Windows based application. Can any body help me to give a clue for how to start. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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If you mean a Windows based application which can connect with internet you go for Out of Browser application which silverlight supports but if you want simple plain desktop application, there is no point in using Silverlight, WPF would be the right choice in that case.

Look at this article for building an out of browser app using Silverlight.

Silverlight specializes in building rich UI based Web applications and WPF is best for making UI rich applications for Desktop.

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