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Jade Case Statement

I'm trying to use a case statement in a Jade template to set the background colour on a table row, but I am getting an error which I can't seem to pin down.

This is the code:

each photog, i in thelist.ptlist
case photog.currentStatus
when "green": tr(style="background-color:#9f9")
when "amber": tr(style="background-color:#ff9")
when "red": tr(style="background-color:#f99")
default: tr(style="background-color:#99f")

The error I am getting is "Unexpected token 'tag', expected 'when', 'default' or 'newline'" indicating the "td." I tried adding a blan line before the td, but I get exactly the same error.

I have tried the slight variants in layout/syntax that the documentation gives, but to no avail. Would someone please tell me where I am going wrong?

Answer Source

The td tag is aligned with the default thus making it inherited by case statement. Put td outside the case by removing the extra whitespaces.

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