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PHP XOR operation two numbers

I am trying to xor two values which are like below:

Variable 1 : 6463334891
Variable 2 : 1000212390

When i did xor with these values in php it gives me wrong answer.

It should give me "7426059853"

This is my code

$numericValue = (int)$numericValue;
$privateKey = (int)$privateKey;
echo "Type of variable 1 ".gettype($numericValue)."<br />";
echo "Type of variable 2 ".gettype($privateKey)."<br />";
$xor_val = (int)$numericValue ^ (int)$privateKey;
echo "XOR Value :".$xor_val."<br />";

Answer Source

That is because you re hitting the MAXIMUM INTEGER LIMIT which is 2147483647

From the PHP Docs...

The maximum value depends on the system. 32 bit systems have a maximum signed integer range of -2147483648 to 2147483647. So for example on such a system, intval('1000000000000') will return 2147483647. The maximum signed integer value for 64 bit systems is 9223372036854775807.

Thus to handle such big integers you need to make use of an extension like (GMP) GNU Multiple Precision

$a = gmp_init($v1);
$b = gmp_init($v2);
echo gmp_intval($a) ^ gmp_intval($b); //"prints" 7426059853

Else , Switch to a 64-bit system.

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