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Google Rio 2016 Like Animation

I'm currently building a new website, in which I would like to corporate something that Google is doing as well with some of their widgets (I'm sure other websites do as well.)

I would like to have the website to have an animation to another tab, a little like the Google GIF I included. I know how to do the animation, but it has to get to another tab without having to go to another tab while it shouldn't be clear it's reloading, which I don't know how to do.

Do any of you have any idea which framework or something I have to use? Should I use jQuery, or what else? I can look things up myself, but I would like to know how to get started with it, since I have no idea...

Link to GIF with example

Thanks in advance,

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It is a Single Page Web Application, you can make SPA using any modern frontend framework. AngularJS is one such framework.

You can use frontend router to achieve this functionality as well.

AngularJS has ngRoute for this purpose.

You can use Aviator which again a SPA router.