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New-SPWebApplication application pool account is not found

I am trying to create a new web application using PowerShell. I keep getting the error application pool account is not found! How do I solve this?

I tried adding the new web application to DefaultAppPool as follows:

New-SPWebApplication -Name "Test WebApp" -ApplicationPool "DefaultAppPool" -ApplicationPoolAccount (Get-SPManagedAccount "WIN2K8R2SPTEST\Administrator")

But the Cmdlet Get-SPManagedAccount seems to return an empty string. I also tried to change the ApplicationPool to SharePoint 80.

I am running SharePoint Foundation 2010 on a standalone installation. How can I fix this error?

Answer Source

You must create a managed account first for your win2k8r2sptest\administrator. Here is the sequence of steps

$cred = get-credential 'win2k8r2sptest\administrator' // enter the password here
$adminMA = New-SPManagedAccount -Credential $cred
New-SPWebApplication -Name 'Test Webapp' -ApplicationPool "DefaultAppPool" -ApplicationPoolAccount $adminMA

I've tested this on vanilla SPS2010 SP1. I think the process is identical to Foundation as well.

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